Effective November 1, 2021 the firm of Solar & Kilcoyne, PC was acquired by the firm of Dube & Hazelwood, PC also located in Leominster, MA. For clients continuing with Dube & Hazelwood, PC, please direct all of your inquiries to their firm at 100 Erdman Way.

Todd Solar and John Kilcoyne have officially retired after over 40 years of providing accounting, tax and consulting services to clients with the last 27 years as Solar & Kilcoyne, PC. They provided these services to a number of clients before that time while working in different firms.

It has been their pleasure and privilege to have worked with so many wonderful people over such a long period of time. Many of these client relationships developed into lifetime friendships, which made the work more enjoyable than it could have been in any other environment.

For all of the above, Todd and John sincerely wish to thank their former clients. They offer their support and best wishes to their clients and Dube & Hazelwood going forward in what will be a successful and productive relationship for all parties.

Solar & Kilcoyne, PC